The ideal setting for an exclusive vacation on the island of Favignana where design intersects with untamed Mediterranean nature offering a retreat of absolute comfort, well-being and total relaxation.

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A luxury house in a Mediterranean Paradise

Casa Faro is a splendid newly built villa couched in a wonderful Mediterranean garden of 15,000 square metres. Its location in one of the most untamed and uncontaminated areas of the island is enchanting. Favignana is one of three islands which make up the Egadi Islands in the Sicilian Archipelago.

Casa Faro

Favignana Untamed Natural Beauty

Favignana called Aegusa by the Romans (Pliny 23-79 AD) is an enchanting and mythical place, bathed in extradinary light giving intense colour to the landscape, and caressed by warm breezes from Africa. This is an untamed island of superb natural beauty where you can lose yourself while experiencing the transparent turquoise sea, enjoying the flavours and scents reminiscent of Mediterranean traditions and delicious regional cuisine.